4.3 enzymes names

4.3 enzymes names - rearrangement occurs 5...

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1. Synthases - catalyzes condensation reactions - no nucleoside triphosphate (ATP, GTP, etc.) is needed 2. Synthetases - catalyzes condensation reactions - nucleoside triphosphate such as ATP is used as a source of energy 3. Ligases - catalyzes condensation reactions in which 2 atoms are joined together using the energy of ATP or another energy source - e.g.: DNA ligase – closes breaks in DNA (forms phosphodiester bonds) 4. Lyases - catalyzes cleavages or additions in which electronic
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Unformatted text preview: rearrangement occurs 5. Kinases-transfers a phosphate group from a nucleoside triphosphate such as ATP to some acceptor molecule like a sugar, protein, etc. 6. Isomerases-catalyzes rearrangements of substrate to form its isomer 7. Aldolases-cleaves molecules 8. Dehydrogenases-removes H and transfers to a coenzyme 9. Mutases-transfers functional groups 10.Enolases-removes water (to create a double bond on substrate)...
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