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final review - 1 Which of these is not one of the most...

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1) Which of these is not one of the most widespread taboo? a. brother and sister b. father and daughter c. mother and son d. mother and daughter 2) In which society do women posses more power? a. Horticultural b. Foraging c. Pastoral d. Agricultural 3) What is considered holy in Bali? a. cows b. water c. pigs d. coffee 4) Has sugar always been such a popular staple? a. Yes, people have always used sugar in abundance b. No, it was initially used as a spice, but now its used widely c. Yes sugar is what provided many with essential energy d. No, it still isn't widely used 5) The cultural construction of male and female characteristics is the definition of which of the following? a. sex b. gender c. intersex d. none of the above 6) Which of the following case study(s) involve sexuality? a. Gebusi, Papua New Guinea b. Etoro, Papua New Guinea c. !Kung San, Kalahari desert d. both a and b 7) Which of the following is the gift given by Ongka? a. cows b. chickens c. pigs d. dogs 8) In the ethnography by Roger Magazine, what theme(s) did he focus on in his research? a. heartfelt celebration b. youthfulness as identity of soccer
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c. social organization d. all of the above 9) What is the "one drop rule"? a. hyperdescent: to assign children of mixed race to the superior race b. hypodescent: to assign children of mixed race to the inferior race c. to be able to identify all biological differences of an individual, even the recessive traits d. the theory that people in a specific culture all share at least one drop's worth of ethnic similarities. 10) Why did the Zulu Kingdom have so many rebellions? a. the people would only overthrow the king, not the failing political structure b. there was no hierarchical leader to control the chaos c. there was too much pressure from above and below d. A and C only 11) What is a key element of a Revitalization Movement? a. a rebellion against the current form of government, anarchy b. an intense faith in God c. a charismatic leader d. a spiritual phenomenon 12) What are the names of the four soccer teams mentioned in Golden and Blue? a. El America, Las Chivas, Cruz Azul, and Los Pumas b. Pachuca, Puebla, Porra and El Rebel c. El America, Los Pumas, Porra and El Rebel d. Las Chivas, Cruz Azul, Puebla and Los Pumas 13) The consumption of coffee can be directly linked to a. Creation of new social places to discuss politics b. Creation of a new merchant social class c. The demand for more luxury spices from Asia d. College students’ need to pull all-nighters 14) Religious traditions are always a. Based upon unchanging ancient teachings b. Random patterns c. Flexible practices d. Entirely symbolic and ideological 15) When a person is born “Intersex” it means that: a. They don’t possess either male or female sex organs b. Their features are not wholly male or female in the traditional sense c. They do not have the right biological features d. They have fully functioning male and female genetalia
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final review - 1 Which of these is not one of the most...

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