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Unformatted text preview: 9/19/08 Smart Globalization Student Name Colin Desmond Recitation number_______________ RL Name Kyle Mason #1. Why does the first article in this case use the word Smart when referring to globalization? They refer to smart globalization because countries need to think out plans and study cultural, social, economic, and legal differences in foreign countries before they try to expand. If McDonalds were to just jump into China and proceed in opening up a restaurant the same way they'd open one up in NYC, it would fail. But if they were to take time before opening up to learn more about the challenges it will face, then it would have a much better success rate. #2. How are Home Depot, Starbucks and Diebold organized in different countries? Home Depot has no stores or capital in China yet, so it's hard to say it's really organized there. However, they are looking to buy a significant share of a local home improvement company, and investigating into expanding there. Starbucks is a series of joint ventures overseas. Foreigners can investigating into expanding there....
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