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Colin Desmond WRTG 1150 - 42 Take Home Assignment 1: PBJ Time 1-21-09 Spring Semester 2009 Dear ET, I’ve gone out for the day, and will not be here to make you lunch. You must get some things from the pantry and kitchen to make yourself a sandwich. First, go into the pantry and look up and left. You will see two cylinders. Grab the first one that’s plastic and has a creamy light brown substance inside of it. The second one you must grab is a glass cylinder with a dark purple substance in it. Bring those two to the kitchen. Then, go back to the pantry and look right, you will see a bag shaped like your alien biceps, with twenty dry, soft white slices as wide as your nail. Grab two of those slices, and bring them to the kitchen as well. In the kitchen, you will need to look in the cabinet above the sink. Grab a circular
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Unformatted text preview: base that’s made of glass (hard and see through, as thick as your alien pinky), and the thin and sharp metal object that is as long as your alien fingers. Place the two dry, soft white brown slices next to each other on the circular glass base. Twist the tops of the two cylinders off, and grab the thin, sharp metal object. Take it and put it into the cylinder with the light brown creamy substance in it, scooping as much as you can onto the thin, sharp metal object, and place the creamy light brown substance onto the first dry, soft white slice. Repeat the same step, only this time scoop up the dark purple substance, and place it on the second dry, soft white slice. Fold the two slices inward, put the sandwich you created in your hands, and eat until it is gone....
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