The Fifty nice crisis

The Fifty nice crisis - Jennifer LeMar PHIL 334 Prof....

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Jennifer LeMar PHIL 334 Prof. Kerley 10/31/08 Structures vs. the Forces of the Nature What is important about constructing a building? Is it how tall it will be? How will it be shaped? What color will it be? All of these factors are important with the making and structure of a building. Yet what about the outsides factors that may interfere with its structure such as the forces of the wind. To make sure buildings are constructed well involves tests and information on the forces of wind at the site. In addition, “if the structure is flexible dynamic analysis” are needed as well. “Finally, the wind tunnel and wind data” are essential functions of wind direction and force. (Simiu, 2006) “One of the nation’s leading structural engineers, William J. LeMessurier” constructed the seventh tallest building in the world, the slash-topped silver skyscraper called Citicorp Tower. Yet the engineer noticed an immense problem with the building. The construction workers of the building only took “perpendicular winds into account.” “The wind causes tension in the structural members – that tries to blow the building down.” Also the “tension… is offset by the force of gravity! He took New York City’s weather records…and calculated the probability of a storm severe to tear” the building apart. His calculations stated that the “event had a statistical probability of occurring as often as once every sixteen years!” (Morgenstern, 1995) Remember The Tacoma Narrows Bridge A.KA. Galloping Gertie?
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The Fifty nice crisis - Jennifer LeMar PHIL 334 Prof....

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