midtermiversion2 - I / HIS 1210 American History to 1865 N~...

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Unformatted text preview: I / HIS 1210 American History to 1865 N~ FaU,2009 Dr MIDTERM I ANSWER TWENTY-FIVE OF THE FOLLOWING THREE POINTS. (IF YOU ANSWER MORE TWENTY-FIVE, I'LL COUNT THE FIRST TWENTY-FIVE.) BE SURE TO ANSWER ALL PARTS OF THE QUESTION, BUT MAKE SURE YOU GET DOWN ON PAPER THE MAIN POINTS FI~T. THERE WILL BE PARTIAL CREDIT. M(;Vlf::v'~ 1) What does the debate over vaccination in the 1729'& sh ut American acceptance of the _~~{nif!!?e.,..r,,~s W-e.n.. ,-1./(;.1 I '1 t'1}/ l'v. -+.'''''l''tS .,.. b.e L'~H~ [; l ~ ~,'c.." f .Jf..url.1-.~ G.H t:-> ..... 9."'<,""",,"'~ ~ '" ",;,t V~f" .... l'.~ 4,; ,#~+ ..Q- ~.9~~, t IIV ~" \ _ ~c!)t., i-c.Yt ~ "' ~ +- .'-t-- vJ~ ()l:~,c.. (j, lrs 'wI.. wi ., ,,,ct!ss 'chtu-J. wtY"I().' ./ \ 2) What was the event of childbirth like for colonial era American women? l ;r.+ ~ 1--~""'5 ev~ \ .1. + w~ ,:;';"v, ~ l ,I ~ .. ~ i-/t:-.. ' I Z+ (.J",-,> IIYlV'S~r ~/~dVS ~ t.d /- 'JO ~~ /...-e. f 'i1t t ~~<.. ~:tl.u~ 0- ~...., h.c..J 'i11-e.../()""V- l1.q- iM "",.Iltt!- ~ ~ --t' 't1,..t " f ~ c.r 't -cr t-~..- c..-e S -'cr- ! -( ft. ~ ~'t. L 3) Regarding the death of Silas Deane section in After the Fact. briefly discuss the historian's process of selecting evidence. l~ >("(,,,,+ $"" e,....tf$1t-?7 re.--h1 <" V"\ .... r~~$~S> , ~ 6I-/S ~I~ ......,JS+ """"~ c..~tG.-e.> -+t..~ i--es.-r -Jt-.dS.e. c.~/( .. :~S 4) What was the major cause for the overall decline in indigenous populations during the first centuries of contact with Europeans? How is this different from other, stereotypical . explanations of indigenpus peoples' demise? J l J..... + LA V~V't/Vl 5';1) el:l~.'c- ..... of!?.u- (JI,:Se~"':; VJ:V( ~1I1 ~&S - \04 'th.e, (\~J.r,.~clJ, 161.j(-+,1~ r ... ~~ ~~ 1t1,'(,,~ o-ct--.'O'V\. (;-(~()7~ 'tt-1-;f .A,e) ~.'~",i-r!.. 5) What did the Francisco Vasquez y Coronado 1539 - 1542 expedition discover about what is now the United States Southwest and in those same years what impact did the Hernando De Soto expeditij make on what is now $be United States Southeast? . I I ~ >nO - ~o-Vlil-o\ () ..ftJ!.M.J c:fl1--r -f11-d'<" W#-? Vll> 2''' (/I. III e ,Yi<.r "-t iIt...{... ~8v+l1...
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midtermiversion2 - I / HIS 1210 American History to 1865 N~...

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