midtermiversioni - ./ q?, / , HIS 1210 American History to...

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Unformatted text preview: ./ q?, / , HIS 1210 American History to 186S Nanl :~ Vf!:.<-5(p.-/ :J Dr. 1 .. ___-\ ANSWER TWENTY-FIVE OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS WITH AT LEAST THREE POINTS. (IF YOU ANSWER MORE THAN TWENTY -FIVE, I'LL COUNT THE FIRST TWENTY-FIVE.) BE SURE TO ANSWER ALL PARTS OF THE QUESTION, BUT MAKE SURE YOU GET DOWN ON PAPER THE MAIN POINTS FIRST. THERE WILL BE PARTIAL CREDIT. 6) Why did the southern British colonies such as Virginia and South Carolina start to expand a slavery sfStem ~sing Africans in greater numbers after tqe 1660s? \~. tVl~~cP S~Ylts- rtUfY'e-JobS \Y\ LUYlJon J leI]' '~ r tC{jJ V C ho-l-kiL- ,. f [t/q v"p 6W Yl e cP / hQof ek.' reP _ you. Chilcl.c ~f~f:'enh'u-e btLl- tnfdq/;, (>, --/1te enol, {jjJ {J;J. blciAS-J",1; f1 r-r (61tJ 0 S'/qvfY Su:;or- cr:;y1'Vl VrDf!! hfttA-ylt r- YJ!f.Wot U(fil~ytro~~epict America as a "wilderness" and what biblical references did they have to that concept to guide them in confronting wildeIJ1ess? r \ -H (f (JY'- i2ar4"h" De l--; I ~ lVl; (\ 10V\j--f1, ere l \ ~ etA. bt(j' I Su.cCt..t b~ C'OtS, I'll ~f ~ tlo d'S' F.i"1- rkvi/~pts Jesus-- f. @W'Al - l-lebre P0 j' In~: f&r '-10 yeMJ',--~ pnmiJe (Qn~e-.' ~~bf q~ir-OJ'I\ftv{ QVllmai ~ Plett') t, Fill ( bu~ -fnetVl ~ 8) what typically happened to colonists' material standard of living during the first few years of ) c:l.~ colonization? What material goods did they have? In what material ways did they begin to . (} rt~v1(\... d~lay. their prosperi!tl~ter? ce ~clfit> ~~-e ~rll." e f"D ~'Cct . . i ~ ~~~~l"--h>-eoA)J,ed~ f{QtO-'-l! Pr ~ fl)1 ~.r -G.fe CN\. Q- ~itr.A add..R.& FI~ t-Ja~'.rn [;'eftYrct-1-e- ~ ~dh"6'M.r t(p~.(-Yr{' b~Ylr oFf'. uJki()j:.ers-) , ) ~cQ ~rY\ --aVlfvnc ~ {'V\e . ('fOO'P LviW.& ~tt.ff. h ~C(,f " 9) What does the Stono River revolt of 1739 reflect about slave resistance in the colonial period? In what other ways did slaves resist the system of slavery? . ef/~fl f0~:f APr/capt/,. re ~11id C(jQ/r/J' f S la ruy ~-H1L ~rf- ',-t" P~{1I'e i qC-f;vely. "0laYf.l' ..tev-rzrr/ir-ed) A:rY -/1.cD Vl.!'fetJ - /c.ii{ ed qbl;u.f 2lel>p,~ Sic{t Call:)nf} jr-i-ec! Filled. 7Y\DAf ~cJ pref{Jrv;/ 70 P Rri~t-- ~ ./ VttJi,L(u Ic1te"PtrtJnanav - ('n ()('dk- f\oi to 10) What effects did the Great Awakening of the 1730s and 17465 have on co1onial religion? of the 1730s and 17465 have on co1onial religion?...
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midtermiversioni - ./ q?, / , HIS 1210 American History to...

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