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5744 Web Homework Assignment Two Fall 2009

5744 Web Homework Assignment Two Fall 2009 - On the...

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Homework Assignment Two ACT 5744 Fall 2009 The information for the first assignment follows. The assignment is due by 7 p.m. on November 4. The instructions follow. You will need the thumbnail drive\usb\flashdrive to access the questions for the assignment. Please be sure that you do the questions according to the number of the question on the slide itself. (The numbers may not match the outline to the side of the slides, if that particular set of questions has slides).
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Unformatted text preview: On the flashdrive, find Regulation 2009 Disk (file folder) Go to: Regulation 2009 Multiple Choice Questions andProblems (file folder) The files you will use are: Agency Mutiple Choice Questions Real Property and Insurance Multiple Choice Questions Your assignment is to answer questions 1 through 20 for Agency, and 1 through 20 for Real Estate/Insurance, for a total of 40 questions. Please put your answers on a single page answer sheet. Thank you....
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