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Midterm Essay - Rahim Spencer ANTH 316gm Europeans and...

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Rahim Spencer ANTH 316gm 10/19/09 Europeans and Native Americans in the New World There are many reasons Native Americans and European Colonists did not have a good relationship. The reason for conflict between Colonist and Indians was due to the Colonists insa- tiable greed for power and land. Some of the reasons not only included physical mistreatment but also an ethical mistreatment of the Native Americans. European Colonists not only brought with them many different diseases that would later aid in the genocide of many Native American tribes, but also a mindset in which they felt superior to their Native neighbors. This feeling of su- periority led to an outbreak of violence and many different civil wars. Due to the Native Americ- an and the Colonists irreconcilable differences many casualties were suffered by both sides, lead- ing to more wars and the displacement of many Indian tribes. Disease and Medicine along with war and religion were other ways American history has changed. When the colonists came over from Europe they unknowingly changed the world forever in ways they couldn't have imagined. These effects were present to both Native Americans and Europeans. Some of these changes made life easier for both Native Americans and Europeans but some made relations worse too. One of these significant changes was the introduction of new diseases to the new world. According to Professor Williams, when the Europeans came over and started to interact with the Native Americans, they brought with them new diseases that Native Americans weren't accus- tomed to. Since they weren't immune to these diseases like the Europeans were, diseases spread rapidly and lethally. New Diseases such as smallpox, diphtheria, measles, bubonic and pneumon- ic plague, cholera, influenza, and yellow fever spread throughout Native American tribes like
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wild fire. Add these new deadly diseases with other problems of their own like malnutrition, an- emia, and the high rate of fetal and neonatal deaths, and you can see why the Native American populations had a dramatic decrease just by disease. Professor Williams stated that some tribes experienced up to a 90% loss in population, of course this was not from only disease; there were other reasons like war between other tribes and Europeans. War was common during the colonial period. Most of these were short little scuffles with not many people getting injured or killed; there were not many significant battles. According to Professor Williams, most of the fighting was over land and the miscommunication between the Native Americans and Europeans. The fighting wasn't just between Native Americans and Europeans though, there was much fighting between Native American tribes over land for hunt-
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Midterm Essay - Rahim Spencer ANTH 316gm Europeans and...

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