Essay 1 - 1 Rahim Spencer AHIS 120g The Statue of Userhat...

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1 Rahim Spencer AHIS 120g 10/2/09 The Statue of Userhat and Kha In the Statue of Userhat and Kha, the two figures who are displayed are shown together with cold affection. This feeling is further emphasized through their erect and ri- gid poses, the similar characteristics of the two figures, and the lack of emotion shown in the two figure’s faces. This statue contrasts with many of the works before its cre- ation, especially ones depicting couples in Egyptian art. The fact that this statue goes against many of the defining characteristics accredited to the standard funerary statue in Egypt presents a statement that advertises a message through the medium of the work as well as other formal characteristics of the two figures. The Statue of Userhat and Kha was carved during the New Kingdom era of Egypt during the rule of pharaohs in the late 18th to early 19th Dynasty, which dates from 1319 to 1306 BCE. The statue contains two figures who appear to be a man and a woman. The figures, which were carved from granite, are 21 inches tall. The material with which this statue was created is very hard to sculpt from, as granite requires a great deal of endurance and physical effort to create works of art from; thus making these statues very expensive to create during this period. If one were to examine the figure of Kha, they would be able to see what appears to most likely be Userhat’s hand resting upon her hip, with his arm situated behind her back. This is one of the few indic- ations of fondness the two show toward each other in this statue. Another indication of affection is given by Kha, where an outline of her hand appears to enfold itself around
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2 Userhat’s arm. Although the artist seems to have created a statue that attempts to de- pict a male and female relationship, the figures resemble each other in a way that may cause a viewer to regard the two as the same sex, but there are a few gender-related qualities about them that convince the viewer of their sex otherwise. If one were to look at the bodily structure of the figure on the left, they would no-
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Essay 1 - 1 Rahim Spencer AHIS 120g The Statue of Userhat...

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