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Rahim Spencer AHIS 120g 9/29/09 Affectionate Propaganda In the Statue of Userhat and Kha , the figures of Userhat and Kha are displayed with cold affection reinforced through erect poses, lack of emotion in the figures’ faces, and uniform qualities of the figures. This is quite unlike other works of couples in Egyp- tian art, where warm and caring affection is displayed between the male and the female. The pair statue of Userhat and Kha reinforce the belief that Egyptian art convey a state- ment of propaganda through the medium of the work as well as other formal qualities of the figures. This statue defies all the defining conventions attributed with the standard funerary statue. When looking at the Statue of Userhat and Kha , New Kingdom, late 18th-early 19th Dynasty (1319-1306 BCE), I see two figures, a male and female. The statue is 21 inches in height, and is made of granite. Granite is a very hard type of rock, making it harder to sculpt statues out of, thus making statues out of granite very expensive. The figures of Userhat and Kha share similar physical qualities, which might lead the viewer to believe they are of the same gender. some shared qualities consist of them having similar hairstyles, androgynous facial structures, and articles of elegant clothing tradi- tionally worn during this time period that resemble each other. looking on Kha’s side of that staue, i see the carved illusion of fingers on Kha’s hip, most likely Userhat’s hand, his arm placed around her in one of the few signs of affection. next, in the other sign of
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affection, an outline of Kha’s hand appears to wrap around Userhat’s left arm. But there are certain gender-based qualities which help to distinguish the difference. The anatomy of the figure on the viewer’s left displays breasts, which we then use to deduce that this figure is Kha, Userhat’s wife. looking at Kha, there is a sense of discomfort on her face. it almost looks like she is sad. side by side though, Kha’s face is more oval shaped, while Userhat’s face is more rounded with the chin up, perhaps as a sign of male dominance. Kha’s femine nature is displayed by the jewelry she is wearing. when looking at the throne upon which they sit, Userhat’s side of the throne is a bit
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affectionate propaganda - Rahim Spencer AHIS 120g...

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