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Lecture 18: Medical Entomology Parasite Infection: parasitic relationship in which organism (parasite) resides in the living body of a host. Parasite Infestation: parasitic relationship in which an organism resides on the surface of the living body or the host. Disease: ill at ease, illness resulting from infection, . Reservoir: member of the population of organism in which certain infectious agents can perpetuate Vector: organism (usually arthropod) that carries an infectious agent (parasite) from an original host into contact with another. Active or passive transmissions. Zoonosis: infection that causes disease in human population, but is perpetuated soley in non-human host animals Anthroponosis: infection that causes disease in human host and can only be perpetuated in human host. (Malaria) Bubonic Plague (vector: rat flea reservoir: rats and other rodents) o Bacteria Disease o Ring-a-Ring o’Roses child nursery rhyme o pneumonic plague : spread to the lungs Typhus (vector: lice reservoir: rats and other rodents ) o Bacterial disease o Associated w/ War and disasters cause its transmitted in trench warfare o Lousy: louse is a type of lice, and when one body can cause sickness Malaria (vector: mosquito reservoir: humans ) o Mosquito’s bad vectors cause o In tropics and subtropics o Several kinds 1. Malaria fails to establish in mosquito gut 2. Malaria fails to reproduce 3. Malaria fails to exit/ transmit o No vaccine is available for humans, only horses Red Queen Hypothesis : never ending rats race to develop a resistant to organisms Mosquitoes : female takes blood meal, male takes flowers o Females use CO2 gradient short rang host finding, body odor w/ lactic acid Yellow Fever (vector: some mosquito’s reservoir: humans) o Destroys liver cells o Wood Cutter’s Disease o Affected building of the panama Canal: French French workers got yellow fever. Flowers in hospitals for sick, begs legs w/ water to keep ants away French gave up construction Major Walter Reed: after Spanish American War, he’s selected to head Yellow Fever Commission drained swamp land and other effective control measures to reduce mosquito breeding turns canal control over to panama
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Dog Heartworm (vector: mosquito reservoir: coyotes) o Hard for dogs to breath, shorten life span Arbo-virus: is a shortened name given to viruses that are transmitted by arthropods Lecture 19: (WNV) West Nile Virus Elderly at greatest risk (< age 65) Influenza, high fever, abdominal pain, Low fatality rate Excellent example of invasion biology Wild birdsvprincipal reservoir hosts Lecture 20: Forensic Entomology Forensic Entomology: the application of the study of insects and other arthropods to legal issues o 3 Main Types: Urban: litigations concerning arthropods in dwelling or a house and garden pests. Ex. Termite damage in home Stored Product:
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ENT 10 study guide - Lecture 18 Medical Entomology Parasite...

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