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Patricia Ramos Moving to Biodiesel The fast depleting resources of gas have been on everyone’s mind for quite some time now. As technologies advance we have tried to find various alternatives to regular gasoline. Yet not only are these alternatives complicated to create, they are incredibly difficult to market. People have been accustomed to using gasoline and are rather against change, especially something as radical as the fuel we use. Also many of these biofuels have production and distribution problems. A big example would be the corn fuel. They tried marketing corn fuel as a clear alternative to gas yet most people didn’t follow the trend. Corn fuel gave farmers an incentive to sell their corn to fuel companies which in turn created inflation in the
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Unformatted text preview: prices of corn, and left poor farmers without cheap food for their animals. Also because the idea is to not use gas the factories which produce corn fuel run on coal, which can be worse for the environment that gasoline. Also finding biofuels can be very difficult outside of places like California, because of this consumers find it easier to resort back to the widespread gasoline than to go out of their way for a better solution. As we fight to find other sources of fuel, we need to make a huge push towards getting people to not only understand their necessity but realize they are not a discomfort....
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