experiment 8 - PatriciaRamos AlexisWeber Chem.1310G2...

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Patricia Ramos  Alexis Weber Chem. 1310 G2 Experiment 8 Discussion- 25 pts total (16 pts general discuss, 9 pts for topics-3 pt each) The experiment 8 Determining an equilibrium constant, was done very simply by measuring out different concentrations of the same solutions and then running those mixtures in a machine that tells us what the different absorbance for each substance. The different test tubes gave different absorbance and by using the known concentrations of the solutions with the absorbance each mixture reach one can therefore identify how the different solutions react with each other to affect the absorbance of the mixture. While doing this experiment many errors can occur. The two most common errors are, measuring errors and contamination errors. Because the amounts must be very exact for this lab it is easy to get an error by using instruments that are either; not completely accurate or that are made to measure higher volumes and therefore harder to read for smaller volumes. Another easy mistake is using the same measuring instruments for two
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experiment 8 - PatriciaRamos AlexisWeber Chem.1310G2...

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