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gunghizo - Now in 2007 with the recent gas increase the...

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In Gung Ho 2, Michael Keaton plays Hunt Stevenson again in 2007. Hunt Stevenson is now an a retired efficiency specialist who lives in Florida providing fishing trips for tourist in Florida. After he failed to produce the desired 15,000 cars in the first movie Hunt decides to dedicate the rest of his life to creating efficient automobile plants. Stevenson becomes the best efficiency expert in the country. He is then employed by GM in the early 90s and sent to Japan where he studies plants such as Toyota and Honda . On Stevenson’s trips to Toyota and Honda he realizes that they produce the most fuel efficient technology just before GM reveals their technology. Stevenson reports this coincidence to his superior Frank Scrooge and Scrooge immediately fires Stevenson. Stevenson think there is a conspiracy and nobody believes him and even think he is crazy so he decides to retires in Florida.
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Unformatted text preview: Now in 2007 with the recent gas increase the Ford Motor Company decides they need to hire Stevenson because of his expertise. Stevenson is reluctant because he said he has the best job in the world. Ford tells him to think about and tells them if Ford goes out of business millions of Americans will lose their jobs. Stevenson agrees to help Ford and is sent to Honda but can not discover the conspiracy so he turns to his friend George Wendt (Buster) who works at GM to help him. Buster is a janitor at GM and has access to Frank Scrooge’s office and discovers a conspiracy about Scrooge selling technology to Honda and Toyota. Buster and Stevenson reveal the conspiracy and Scrooge is imprisoned for life. Ford and GM then begin to prosper and Detroit is renamed Buster for saving the city....
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