Societal Perspective

Societal Perspective - 13:05:00 Marvin When Old...

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New Media as Social Practice 12/11/2009 13:05:00 Marvin – When Old Technologies were New Tweet : “light bulb” “dinosaurs” “determinism” o “Media are constructed complexes of habits, beliefs and procedures embedded in elaborate cultural codes of communication” o “media has no natural edges” o “pattern of tension created by the coexistence of the old and new” dilemma between attraction to new and fancy technologies contrasted with the comfort we find in habitat and tradition o “History of media is never more or less than the history of their cues” Determinism o What comes first, the new media or the social behavior? So how does Marvin’s historical analysis to a new technology? o Think about who has authority, who has credibility, who can contribute, who is inside and outside, who has a voice Two “New” Inventions : telephone/electric light Publicly envisioned at the end of the nineteenth century o We could see this in specialized engineering journals and popular media o telephone disrupted established social relations unsettled customary ways of dividing the private person and family from the more public setting of community o Marvin also mentions how people speak louder when calling over longer distances, are hesitant to want to speak to people who are sick over phone Technological development of broadcasting and the attempt to impose a homogenous ethnocentric variant of culture on the public
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Societal Perspective - 13:05:00 Marvin When Old...

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