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Chapter III Assignment - Counterstain is the step that...

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Microbiology – B235 Chapter V Review 7 Critical Thinking 3 7. Fill in the following table with the carbon source and energy source of each type or organism. Organism Carbon Source Energy Source Photoautotroph CO2 CO2 Photoheterotroph Light Inorganic Molecules Chemoautotroph Organic Molecules Organic Molecules Chemoheterotroph Light Organic Molecules Critical Thinking 3 3. Compare and contrast carbohydrate catabolism and energy production in the following  bacteria: a.Pseudomonas, an aerobic chemoheterotroph b. Spirulina, an oxygenic photoautotroph c. Ectothiorhodospira, and anoxygenic photoautotroph
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Critical Thinking 1, 3 1. In a Gram stain one step could be omitted and still allow differentiation between gram- positive and gram-negative cells.  What is that one step?
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Unformatted text preview: Counterstain is the step that could be omitted. Counterstain: is a stain with color contrasting to the principal stain, making the stained structure more easily visible. 2. Why isn’t the Gram stain used on acid-fast bacteria? Acid fast bacteria are not classified as either Gram-positive or Gram-negative because they do not have the chemical characteristics of either, although the bacteria do contain peptidoglycan (murein) in their cell wall. Mycobacterium species, along with members of a related genus Nocardia, are classified as acid-fast bacteria due to their impermeability by certain dyes and stains (thus explaining why the gram stain isn't useful)....
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Chapter III Assignment - Counterstain is the step that...

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