#1 Rubric - (10 points) References (10 points) Overall (10...

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Kines 352 Lab #1 Grading Rubric Introduction (10 points) •Hypothesis Quiz (10 points) Methods (15 points) •Subject description •Lab design •Procedures -VJ -Treadmill -Wingate -Power equations Results (35 points) •Calculate power in W for VJ, treadmill, and Wingate (7 points) •Scatter-plot of VJ x Wingate (6 points) -VJ x treadmill (6 points) -Wingate x VJ (6 points) Label axis Trend line R-value •Bar graph(s) showing gender differences in power for each test (10 points) Correctly labeled Discussion (50 points) •Major energy systems fueling movement during each of the 3 tests (10 pts) •Did one test accurately predict the other (Wingate and VJ) (10 points) -Correlations -Implications of relationship •Which test best measures anaerobic power? (10 points) •How should an athlete train to improve his/her power? (5 points) •Are there gender differences in power? (15 points) -Relative peak power? -Is this consistent with what is known? Conclusion
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Unformatted text preview: (10 points) References (10 points) Overall (10 points) Name: _________________________ Lab #1 Rubric Total Points: 150 (Divided by 10 to get score out of 15) Introduction (10 points)- Clear thesis/hypothesis statement (5 points)- Background Information (5 points) Methods (20 points)- Subject description (5 points)- Lab design (5 points)- Procedures (5 points)- Quiz (5 points) Results (50 points)- Calculations for P for VJ, tread, WAnt (10 points)- Scatter plot VJ x Treadmill (10 points)- Scatter plot Wingate x VJ (10 points)- Scatter plot Wingate x Treadmill (10 points)- Axis labels, trendlines, R for each (10 points) Discussion (40 points)- Major energy system discussion (10 points)- Correlations, implications (10 points)- Which best measures anaerobic P (10 points)- Training to increase power (5 points)- Conclusion (5 points) References (10 points) Grammar, Structure (20 points)...
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#1 Rubric - (10 points) References (10 points) Overall (10...

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