Chem6A_Exam2_Learning Goals

Chem6A_Exam2_Learning Goals - Chemistry 6A(Sections A00 and...

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Chemistry 6A (Sections A00 and E00) Fall 2008 Exam 2 Fundamentals (D, E, F), Chapter 2 (Sections 2.4-2.16), Chapter 3 (3.1-3.12): What are your learning goals? Review: General Ideas of Bonding 1. Describe the essential features of ionic and covalent bonding and the distinction between them. 2. Describe the energetics of ionic bond formation and covalent bond formation. Lewis Symbols and Lewis Structures of Ionic Compounds, and Molecules or Molecular Ions 3. Represent the valence shell electrons of a main group atom by its Lewis electron dot symbol. 4. Depict the formation of ions with electron configurations, orbital diagrams, and Lewis symbols, and write the chemical formula of the ionic compound. 5. Draw valid Lewis structures which follow the “doublet” and “octet” rules for simple diatomic molecules, a. Elements: H 2 , N 2 , O 2 , F 2 b. Compounds: CO, CN, NO, etc. … and then extend the ideas to polyatomic molecules, identifying central and terminal atoms on the basis of electronegativities and/or ionization energies. Identify all lone pairs and bonding pairs of electrons. 6. Draw structures with single, double and triple bonds. 7. Calculate formal charges on atoms in Lewis structures. 8. Identify isomers (same composition, different constitution) that are more plausible. 9. Draw resonance structures (same constitution, different bonding between atoms), and describe electron delocalization in these molecules. 10. Use formal charges to select resonance structure(s) that are major/minor contributors to
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Chem6A_Exam2_Learning Goals - Chemistry 6A(Sections A00 and...

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