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Quiz3 E01-E03 - 1 True or False(5 pt a E Lattice energy is...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. True or False (5 pt.) a. E Lattice energy is the energy released when an ionic solid is separated into gaseous ions. b. F Most cations are formed by removing core electrons from metals. c. I Cs+ has a noble gas electron configuration. d. F A covalent bond is formed by electron transfer. e. I The bonding in cesium fluoride is ionic. 2. Write the chemical formula (2 pt): Gold (III) Chloride: flu: Q3 . Aluminum hydroxide: O H 3 3. Name the compound(2 pt): anOa: (Zlg%pesaxum [331 > (”MFR FezOs: {foo (mlOdet . 4. Which molecule will have the greastest coulombic attraction between individual ions (a single cation and anion)? Circle the molecule. (2 pt). K20 or .or MgO 5. Write plausible Lewis structures for the following molecules (9 pt.) # of Bond # of Lone Pairs Pairs ...
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