SB_Chem6A_08_Bonus Exercise

SB_Chem6A_08_Bonus Exercise - relationships between...

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Chemistry 6A (Sections A00 and E00) Fall 2008 End-of-Quarter Extra (Bonus) Exercise Goal: To create a concept map of Chemistry 6A that represents YOUR organized (intergrated) knowledge-structure , and thereby, aids YOU in reviewing and linking key concepts in the course before the final exam. Background : To guide you in building your concept map, you should consider the following question: “What were the content learning goals of this class?” Identify all the pertinent concepts (or groups of concepts), and order these from most important, most general to least important, most specific. Begin your map by placing the general concept at the top or center, and then link this to two or more less general concepts with appropriate linking words and propositions. Next, you can add other concepts and propositions, forming a hierarchy. You may need to restructure your map as you proceed, to add clarity and precision. You should also look for ‘crosslinks’ or
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Unformatted text preview: relationships between concepts in different sections of the map. For example, intermolecular forces (Chapter 5) depend on types and shapes of compounds (Chapter 3). Here is a partial example of a concept map ( Courtesy of McMurray and Fay, Chemistry, 4 th Ed .): There is free CMap software available online for download. You are not required to use this technology to construct your concept map, but should you elect to do so, I recommend the following: , developed at the University of West Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. Deadline : Due at the beginning of your final exam: Section A00 (Tuesday, Dec. 9, 8 AM); and Section E00 (Friday, Dec. 12, 7 PM). Be sure to include your name, UCSD ID, and Section number (A00/E00)/TA name your submission. No late submissions will be accepted . Grading : 4 points for effort; a maximum of 8 points will be given for well-organized, comprehensive maps....
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SB_Chem6A_08_Bonus Exercise - relationships between...

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