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SB_Chem6A_F08_Exam2_VA_E00-Key - General Chemistry 6A...

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General Chemistry 6A EXAM 2 November 20, 2008 Lecture Section E00 (Brydges) Version A ANSWER KEY UCSD PID #: |_A_|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__| Printed Last Name: ________________________________ Printed First Name: ________________________________ Section: E01 E02 E03 E04 E05 E06 E07 E08 E09 INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS: Number of Pages : 10 Time : 60 minutes Questions : 26 multiple-choice ( 1-25 of equal weighting ). Supporting Data (Separate 5 pages) : Physical constants, conversion factors, key equations, the Periodic Table of the Elements, and two scratch sheets are provided. Instructions for Filling in the Scantron Form: 1. Use a soft lead pencil; fill in bubbles completely. 2. At the top, and on the right side: Step 1: Write your NAME (last, first) at the top of the form. Step 2: Below your name, in the section labeled “Subject”, indicate your SECTION NUMBER . Step 3: Write and bubble in your eight-digit UCSD PID NUMBER in the section labeled “I.D. Number.” In place of either the “A” or “U”, write a 0. Therefore, your I.D. should read: 0xxxxxxxx. Step 4 : Bubble in your EXAM VERSION in the section labeled “Test Form”. The section labeled “Exam Number” should remain empty. 4. Fill in your answers to each question in the appropriate bubbles on the left side. 5. Do not make any other pencil marks on the bubble sheet. Policies : The use of non-programmable calculators is permitted. No other electronic devices may be in your possession during the exam. It is your responsibility to ensure that your scantron form and exam booklet is properly identified. Points will be deducted for missing and/or incorrect information. Other strategies : Take time to read each question carefully. Periodically check the front blackboard for time remaining, last-minute corrections, and additional information. There are NO EXCUSES if you miss an announcement made during the exam. When you have completed the exam, raise your hand and a TA/Proctor will collect all materials from you. Please remain in your seat until this time. Best wishes for a successful exam!
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Page 2 Chemistry 6A Exam 2 (Brydges - Section E00) Fall 2008 Take care to fill in the bubble sheet for each question. Any question with more than one answer selected will not be graded. Your score will be the total number of correct answers; therefore, it is to your advantage to answer every question.
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