quiz6a - Physics 2C, Waves ...Optics-- Winter 2007...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2C, Waves ...Optics-- Winter 2007 Instructor: B. Grinstein Quiz # 6 INSTRUCTIONS: Fill, tear and return the bottom strip of the front page with your scantron. Keep the top portion of the front page and the rest of the quiz. Use a pencil #2 to ll your scantron. Write your code number and bubble it in under "EXAM NUMBER". Bubble in the quiz form (see letter A-- D at bottom of page) in your scantron under "TEST FORM" Useful numbers: k = 1.38 10- 23 J/K, N A = 6.022 10 23 , R = N A k = 8.314 J/K mol, 1 u = 1.66 10- 27 kg, 1 atm = 101.3 kPa 1) In a collection of objects with an rms speed zero, what is true about the various velocities of the objects? A) Some of the velocities are positive and some are negative. B) Some velocities have an upward component and some have a downward component. C) All of the velocities must be zero. D) Some velocities have an eastward component and some have a westward component. E) both B and D 2) The equation of state of a non- ideal gas is PV = NkT(1 + cT) where c is a constant with units of K- 1 . The coefcient of volume expansion for this gas is given by A) (1 + cT)/T B) (1 + 2cT)/[T(1 + cT)] C) (1 + 2cT)/T D) 1/[T(1 + cT)] E) 1/T 3) A 2.9 L volume of neon gas (monatomic) is at a pressure of 4.7 atmospheres and a temperature of 290 K. The atomic mass of neon is 20.2 g/mol. The mass of the neon gas, in SI units, is closest to: A) 6.76....
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quiz6a - Physics 2C, Waves ...Optics-- Winter 2007...

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