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mobio notes0007

mobio notes0007 - ~ frcfw i[Popfl~/V1 ~1'l~M r;t;h'f-> ~ cf...

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~ &/V1; fr{- ~1'l~M i) [Popfl~ r ;t,;;h'f.-> cf 1- ~I ~~hl'" ~ ')1..e1J1 AI'/ Wille $Pi- i) lJ.4l1~vi'piltl'l. fet- ~'hJ"""t~ ~vtf _ pel,! 4- C~/hlr'l 10 ~veJ'Pd '3 f ~.-J :,) "VlY!o)UM'tll ~ -n.a1'IS'ffv /Z--f/4- ~ J-l/'NS/7 4) (ttv It- 5f'ICi~ C Mc<t1 lAfl.~r n~), i \.1Ivv;t "'r,(M Q I d i -/ft1, eMf f) til'e .-er UI.-erJ (v ,-vi'" c f' IN '-P IA&I h €.{"'--~ ). oj... ~vt~. r ~ftWlI t: of tJ.e t- ~/co'f'(; v,bost:#. ".. A~)~ 7 (t1~(j-ed by -I hi. (pf) . V'--/ (I "7il/.f J~ SIr .f'PlI"'" tv -tine :ifAf) (5fV1v5.. {(;dCh) tvA•••• ll\.h~ reCv"..t /7..&,0->_ ~j (AvIiJ r'eclN1k ~flI/CrJ-t'nll,/ SD "~ A. 4- •...
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