How to Make Employers Want You

How to Make Employers Want You - How to Make Employers Want...

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How to Make Employers Want You By ALEXANDRA LEVIT Most people in the job market today would consider themselves lucky to get a single offer. Receiving multiple offers sounds like a dream, but for some, this scenario is very real. They are the candidates everyone wants. Nicholas Rosenthal of Newport Beach, Calif., recently interviewed for real-estate investment jobs and found himself with his pick of opportunities. Mr. Rosenthal, 26 years old, feels that his blend of experiences in commercial real estate have made him especially marketable. "Having someone who worked on the buy side but also understands investment on the sell side was advantageous to employers," he says. Mr. Rosenthal's network of contacts also was a factor in many of his offers. "I am active in major industry trade groups, and I asked the heads of those groups to make introductions on my behalf," he says. "Because I was brought into companies at a high level, I had an immediate degree of credibility when I interviewed." Show How You Will Fit
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