Syllabus 314

Syllabus 314 - FIRE 314 T/TH 11:00 12:15 Room Professor...

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FIRE 314 – T/TH 11:00 – 12:15, Room **** Professor David E. Upton, PhD, CFA , AIFA - Office B4145 Office hours 8:00 – 9:00 Wed., 8:00 – 11:00 Thurs. PREREQS: MGMT 301, and FIRE 311 or permission of department chair, and junior standing. "Whatever be the detail with which you cram your students, the chance of their meeting in after-life exactly that detail is almost infinitesimal; and if they do meet it, they will probably have forgotten what you taught them about it. The really useful training yields a comprehension of a few general principles with a thorough grounding in the way they apply to a variety of concrete details. In subsequent practice the students will have forgotten your particular details, but they will remember by an unconscious common sense how to apply principles to immediate circumstances." Alfred North Whitehead The Aims of Education and Other Essays Texts: Lawrence J. Gitman and Michael D. Joehnk, “Fundamentals of Investing,” 10 th Ed., Addison Wesley, 2008. Burton G. Malkiel, “A Random Walk Down Wall Street,” W. W. Norton & Company, 2003. (Don’t read this until I tell you to) Students are expected to keep up with current conditions via the Wall Street Journal and Barron's. I MAY also provide notes for some sections of the class. 1) The course is intended as an introductory course in the field of Investments. The intent is to provide you with a basic understanding of the most important topic areas as a background for other courses. Please note the prerequisites – they will be strictly enforced! 2) Grades: Present plans include two 75-point examination and a 150-point compehensive final examination. Clarity of presentation is important in grading, and unclear or poorly presented answers will not receive full credit , even if otherwise correct. All opportunities are comprehensive. You may bring one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of notes into each exam (yes, you may use both sides). You are allowed (and advised and encouraged) to use a calculator, and opportunities
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This note was uploaded on 12/07/2009 for the course FIRE 314 taught by Professor Upton during the Spring '09 term at VCU.

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Syllabus 314 - FIRE 314 T/TH 11:00 12:15 Room Professor...

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