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302 TEST 1

302 TEST 1 - *CI for a Population/Process MEAN Enter data...

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Unformatted text preview: ***CI for a Population/Process MEAN Enter data into c1 – choose STAT – BASIC STATISTICS – 1 Sample T. In dialogue box – enter c1 in VARIABLES box, click Options – enter CONFIDENCE INTERVAL, OK – Input test mean – OK – OK. ***Hypothesis Testing with P-Values for Population/Process MEAN Enter data into c1 – GRAPH – TIME SERIES PLOT – enter c1 for the first line in the GRAPH VARIABLES box – under TIME SCALE, click the INDEX button, under DATA DISPLAY, select SYMBOL under DISPLAY, select GRAPH under FOR EACH, and click OK. To test the hypothesis, Follow directions for CI for a Pop/Process Mean. ***CI and Hypothesis Testing for a Population PROPORTON Choose STAT- BASIC STATISTICS – 1 PROPORTION. In the dialogue box, click summarized data – enter number of trials and number of SUCCESSES – click the OPTION button – specify the level of confidence in CONFIDENCE LEVEL. Click box to indicate use of normal approximation where is says USE TEST AND INTERVAL BASED ON...
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