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MGMT 434: Mid-term Study Guide. Oct. 11, 2009. MLJ.  (Guide provided as is and, while believed to be accurate info, may not be. Not responsible for your test grade) Items listed in      bold      are the ONLY items Professor Leopold said we need to know     . The page #'s indicate where I've found information on that subject but may not comprise all information on that subject  and should be used as a reference only. Key: Thing Leopold said to know (Chapter Page(s). Additional information) Professor Leopold said last class the ONLY  things we need to know for Final are:  - Reasons For Acquisitions  (Chap 7 184-191. See figure 7.1 for list.) - Problems in Achieving Acquisition Success  (Chap 7 191-196. See figure 7.1 for list.) - International Corporate-Level Strategy (Chap 8 220-220. Multidomestic, Global, Transnational) - Risks in an International Environment (Chap 8 233-235. See figure 8.4; lists Political & Economic risks)
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Unformatted text preview: - Managing Cooperative Strategies (Chap 9 265-266)- Separation of Ownership & Managerial Control (Chap 10 278-282.)- Boards of directors & executive compensation (Chap 10 284-287.)- Evolutionary patterns of strategy & organizational structure: Simple, Functional, Multidivisional, & Matrix structures (Chap 11 313-324)- Key Strategic leadership actions (Chap 12 350-356)- Internal Innovation ( Chap 13 373-377) He says review slides since they might have info that's not in the book. I think for this test especially the slides "hint" at the stuff that will show up on the test with the book expanding in them further. Look at the slides he handed out and then read in the book more about what is on the slides. Final is 10 questions. Chapters 7-13. All short answer. NO multi-choice. Mostly list type questions. CLOSED BOOK. NO NOTES. NO CHEAT SHEET. Good luck everyone! see you all Tuesday...
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