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Exam_2_withSolutions - Manufacturing Process Engineering...

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Manufacturing Process Engineering ISE 515 001/601 Exam #2 November 5 th , 2009 Name: Solution Section: Score: This is a closed book, closed note exam but you are allowed to use an 8½” x 11” cheat sheet with your own notes written on both sides. You are allowed to use a calculator to solve the problems but you are not allowed to use a computer of any kind. You are expected to solve the exam without receiving help from anybody else. Total allowed exam time is 1 hr and 15 minutes. The following problems are worth 3 points each. * Please note: For each problem, 0.5 points were deducted for each wrong answer. This is to make sure no student could make a 100 by answering all possible letters on each question. For problems with 3 answers each correct letter response was one point, for the questions that had more than 3 solutions the point breakdown is listed next to the solution below. 1. A lathe can be used to perform the following operations: a) milling, b) turning, c) drilling, d) boring, e) broaching, f) lapping Answer:__b,c,d_______ 2. To drill a hole you will be using a twist drill but before you start the drilling operation you should use a __(a)___ to start the hole. If you want the hole to be more precise and more cylindrical then you should follow up by using a __(b)___ and if you want to make internal threads then you should finish off with a __(c)__. Answer: a)__center/spot drill___ b)__reamer_________ c)__tap_____________ 3. Which of the following lathe work holing devices can accommodate a square work piece: a) Dog plate, b) three jaw chuck, c) four jaw chuck, d) collet, e) faceplate, f) vice? Answer:___c,e______________
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4. If the cutting conditions in a turning operation are cutting speed = 250 ft/min, feed = 0.015 in/rev and depth of cut = 0.12 inch, which of the following is the material removal rate: a) 0.45 in 3 /min, b) 5.4 in 3 /min, c) 0.0375 in 3 /min, d) 4.5 in 3 /min? Answer: ___b_______________ 5. The tool geometry of a single point cutting tool is very important for the surface finish, cutting forces and the amount of heat generated. Which of the following statements are correct: a) if the rake angle is negative then the relief angle has to be negative as well, b) by increasing the positive rake angle the shear plane angle will increase as well and more cutting force will be required c) a negative rake angle will increase the heat generated compared to a positive rake angle, d) a negative relief angle will reduce the surface quality and reduce the require cutting force e) by decreasing the shear plane angle the required cutting force will increase and usually decrease the surface finish, f) both the depth of cut and the rake angle will affect the thickness of the chip. Answer:__c,e,f______________
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Exam_2_withSolutions - Manufacturing Process Engineering...

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