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Unformatted text preview: Personality Development Click here Overview ¡ Personality – very brief introduction ¡ What contributes to individual differences in personality? ¢ Behavioral genetics as a source of evidence. ¡ What are the environmental factors? Example: research on socialization by parents; parenting style. ¢ Behavioral genetics evidence undermining evidence for parental influences on personality: Do parents really matter? ¡ If parents don’t matter, who does? Personality (very [very] brief introduction): “Apparently, you can tell a lot about someone’s personality from what they are like… ”-- Harry Hill Theme: individual differences Stable across time, measured via questionnaires tapping various dimensions (introversion, extroversion, etc.) Individual differences: using “behavioral genetics” to determine sources of variation Are differences (in personality, intelligence, whatever) because people differ genetically or in their environments? Behavioral genetics: Family studies ¡ Comparing people who vary in ¢ Genetic relatedness ¢ Environmental similarity ¡ Is variance in a given trait associated with genetic or environmental similarity/difference? ¡ Twin studies: Identical ¡ Adoption studies: Biological siblings versus adopted siblings (raised in the same home) vs non identical Twin studies: ¡ Identical (monozygotic - MZ) twins share 100% of their DNA ¡ Fraternal (dizygotic - DZ) twins share only 50% of...
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12_personality_behavioral_genetics_3_per_page - Personality...

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