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Psychology 105: Fall 2009; Final exam review sheet. Wednesday December 9 th @ 4pm Please bring a PINK par score sheet. 1. Personality development (behavioral genetics) --individual differences theme. --idea of partitioning variation between people into different sources; variation due to genetic differences between people, and due to environmental differences between people. --methods of behavioral genetics - --methods in BG… --twin studies, comparison of groups of identical twins and groups of non identical twins. what patterns of correlations lead to a conclusion that genetics contribute to individual differences in a trait? --adoption studies. .. methods and logic behind this kind of study. what do different patterns of correlations (between biologically related siblings versus between adoptive siblings) suggest here? --Main conclusions from BG studies of personality?
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--What is the main proposal for the source of the other 50% of variation in personality between people? Importance of the environment provided in the home, parenting style, etc: --measuring parenting styles… use of observational and interview techniques -- on what dimensions do parents differ? how are different styles of parenting constructed based on these two dimensions? --what are the four possible parenting styles? --what outcomes are associated with the three most common parenting styles? at preschool…? later in development? --cultural perspectives on these findings? are parenting styles always found to be associated with these outcomes across all cultures? --different ways that resemblance between parents and children might be explained. parent-effects, child-effects … interaction of both… alternative? --weaknesses of correlational studies in determining cause and effect relations. How do we get information about possible causes? Cross fostering/adoption experiment in the video on young rhesus monkeys --Behavioral genetics revisited. What was the main result from the studies of twins reared separately with respect to the idea that sharing a home environment has the effect of increasing similarity in personality development? --main ideas of ‘Do Parents Matter’ video…. check your worksheet form the video
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Fall_09_final_review_sheet - Psychology 105 Fall 2009 Final...

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