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Psychology 105. Fall 2009. Exam 1 (October 8 th , 2009). Review sheet and exam information… For the exam. Please bring a pink parscore sheet. The questions will be based on material presented in class. Topics that questions will be drawn from will include: 1. Overview: questions and general themes of the course. -Design issues. --Cross sectional versus longitudinal designs --advantages/disadvantages of each --cohort effects --what is the microgenetic method? Themes --nature and nurture; (AKA genes and environment). environment includes physical as well as social factors. related to: --domain general versus domain specific organization. domain generality involves the idea of a general multi-purpose, multi content brain/mind that processes all kinds of information and solves all kinds of problems. domain specificity involves the idea of many specific sub-processes, each specialized for a type of problem content --the active child; idea that children's nature might cause them to behave in certain ways and thus experience the world a particular way. example of bias to look at faces from birth -- leading to lots of experience with faces. --continuity and discontinuity; smooth continuous development versus stage like shifts. scale of observation makes a difference, transitional phenomena at stage boundaries.
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This note was uploaded on 12/07/2009 for the course PSYCH 105 taught by Professor Schwartz during the Fall '08 term at UCSB.

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review_sheet_for_exam_1 - Psychology 105 Fall 2009 Exam...

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