RTE- Homework II

RTE- Homework II - ges and Planning of RTE tion Technology...

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ages and Planning of RTE Y ation Technology
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How RTE has changed the game? “Dell Computer, Wal-Mart (supply chain), GE (digital dashboards), Cisco (internal monitoring and reporting, one-day closing of finances), FedEx and UPS (tracking and self-service logistics management), Royal Dutch/ Shell (using sensors to monitor its oil refineries and properties),Zara (demand tracking and inventory minimization) and other pioneers have done to change the game in their industries. The deep structural changes -- made possible by business process innovation -- have enabled these companies to reinvent the fundamental ways they operate their businesses.” [5] How they achieve that? In order to find the answers, we should understand what RTE is and its advantages, let start with definition. Definition and Advantages of RTE Real-time enterprise can be described as "The RTE is an enterprise that competes by using up-to-date information to progressively remove delays to the management and execution of its critical business processes." “ Although it is not a complete business strategy, the purpose of pursuing the RTE agenda is to gain competitive advantage, either directly or indirectly. [1] Let look at real life benefits of implementing RTE. “Ford saved $1.2 billion per annum and improved its responsiveness when it reduced product development time from seven to four years. A major telecommunications company increased productivity by 33 percent and order volume by 60 percent when it reduced the duration of its Internet Protocol (IP) and broadband services provisioning process from between 30 and 60 days to 18 days. A major international bank's real-time risk management system has allowed it to respond rapidly to changes in market conditions, resulting in substantial competitive advantage”. [2] And also RTE offer benefits through enterprises and industries. “At operational level, the main benefits are improved customer service,
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RTE- Homework II - ges and Planning of RTE tion Technology...

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