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Chapter 5 Review Sheet (Part I)

Chapter 5 Review Sheet (Part I) - and taking the lone pair...

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Chapter 5: Overview of Organic Reactions H Br H Br Addition Reaction H Br Base Elimination Reaction C H H H H Substitution Reaction Cl 2 C Cl H H H H H H Rearrangement Reaction H H o m o l y t i c B o n d C l e a v a g e : Bond breaks symetrically (homo=same) giving each atom from the bond one electron making them radicals. A B A + B A B A + B H e t e r o l y t i c B o n d C l e a v a g e : Bond breaks unsymetrically (hetero=different) giving one atom a lone pair of electrons from the bond
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Unformatted text preview: and taking the lone pair away from the other. Nucleophiles(eletron rich species), attack electrophiles(electron deficient species), with a lone pair of electrons, curved arrows show the movement of an electron pair from where it starts to where it ends up. H Br Br...
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