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Basic Learning, EXP3404 Section 0W59 Last revised 06-15-2009 Dr. Jay Brophy-Ellison Summer C 2009 Course website: http://webcourses.ucf.edu (WebCourses) Professor : Dr. James C. Brophy-Ellison TAs : TA Stephanie: [email protected] (A-Gu) TA Natasha: [email protected] (Gr-M) TA Veronica: [email protected] (N-Z) Contact via private mail. Class : Web-based course, completely online. When emailing, please put course number (EXP3404) in the beginning of the subject line. We get a lot of junk mail and discard ones without course numbers! This syllabus is subject to change. Seriously, it could be changing as you’re reading this. Any changes made will be announced in the “Announcements” discussion topic. Course Materials: , Paul Chance, FIFTH Edition Packet: Three Balls and Your Brain: a juggling workbook by Brophy Ellison How It All Adds Up Assignment Total# of Assignments Points for Each Summed Points Due Dates Final Exam 1 200 200 See Calendar (p5) Syllabus Quiz 1 25 25 See Calendar (p5) Chapter Quizzes 8 Usually 75 600 See Description (p3) New York Times Article Reviews 1 125 150 July 17 Juggling Performance 1 50 50 By August 5 Total points 1,000 Grading Breakdown A: 900-1000 B: 800-899 C: 700-799 D: 600-699 F: 0-599 *There is a final exam in this course. *The plus/minus system will not be used in this course. *Once you have 900 points, you have earned an A, even if you have not completed all assignments. We ask that you please stay engaged in the course even after you have 900 points. A Word of Advice: This is a web-based class. All assignments are to be turned in digitally in one way or another – see specific assignment descriptions for details. If you do not have a reliable internet
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connection, you will have problems in this class. If you do not have access to a digital camera/cell phone with a quality digital video camera for the juggling performance, you will have problems with this assignment. Please consider these responsibilities carefully before deciding whether or not you wish to take this class before add/drop ends on. How To Log In To The Course Website When you click on the Class Login button, a box appears that prompts you to type in a User Name and Password . Use your NID (Network ID) to access the WebCourses portion of your course. User Name: Your NID or User Name is composed of the first two letters of your first name and a six-digit number. If your first name has only one character, the character is duplicated to create the two letters for your NID. The six-digit number is randomly generated. To get your NID, go to http://connect.ucf.edu Format: ffnnnnnn Example: Joe P. Student, his NID would be jo598372 Initial Password: The initial password associated with you NID begins with a capital P (IT MUST BE A CAPITAL P) and then the year, month, and day of your birth. Format:
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EXP3404-0W_Syllabus_Summer_2009_Revised_20 - Basic...

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