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WendyEller-Assignment-Unit 4 - Wendy Eller BU 204-02AU...

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Wendy Eller BU 204-02AU November 11, 2009 Assignment-Unit 4 Chapter 6 Problem 2 When one person saves, that person’s wealth is increased, meaning that he or she can consume more in the future. But when everyone saves, everyone’s income falls, meaning that everyone must consume less today. Explain this seeming contradiction. Answer: What is most of the time true for an individual may not always hold true for our whole economy. When an individual saves, they add to their wealth which will increase consumption in the future. But if everyone saves, businesses lose sales, which will lead to laid off workers. As a result of this, individuals have lower incomes and now have to consume less. Chapter 6 Problem 4 Why do we consider a business-cycle expansion different from long-run economic growth? Why do we care about the size of the long-run growth rate of real GDP versus the size of the growth rate of the population? Answer: Long run economic growth is arising trend in aggregate output over long periods of times. Long run growth per capita is key to rising wages and rises the standards of living. A business cycle expansion results in a short run rise in Gross Domestic Product, but long run growth
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WendyEller-Assignment-Unit 4 - Wendy Eller BU 204-02AU...

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