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Class, We were asked to visit Best Buy and Wal-Mart to research 50’ Plasma televisions costs,  shipping prices, coupons, warranties, and possible gross profits. The following information is  what I was able to find on each site. Best Buy at  www.bestbuy.com  – Panasonic 50’ Class 720P Flat Panel Plasma HDTV 1. Lowest Price Found: $899.99 2. Other Costs/Reductions: Shipping $70.00; Coupons- None Found 3. Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor; 2 Year for Glass Panel 4. Gross Profits: According to page 251, “Operating Cycle” in our textbook, electronic  companies generally receives 5% from sales. As I figure 5% on $900.00 ($899.99 rounded), I come up with the following: $900.00 Price; $45.00 (5%) Profit; Total Price $945.00 plus $70.00 to equal a Total Price  of $1015.00 Wal-Mart at  www.walmart.com  – Sanyo 50’ Plasma HDTV w/Digital Tuner DP50747 1. Lowest Price Found: $828.00 (Originally $899.54)
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This note was uploaded on 12/08/2009 for the course AC114 AC114 taught by Professor Duchac during the Fall '09 term at Kaplan University.

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WendyEller2-WebFieldTrip-Unit7 - Class...

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