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Class, I have found that the FBI and IRS have very extensive hiring processes. They make you go  through many steps before they will actually hire you. They also have age requirements, unlike  most private accounting firms, or other businesses. They also require extensive background  checks. Most companies do require some sort of background check, but with these guys, it is  more of one than usual. Also, education, and experience is a requirement. The IRS definitely requires a 4 year degree or  30 hours of coursework. The FBI also requires you to be physically ready for anything that may 
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Unformatted text preview: come your way. Salary ranges are decent, but could probably use improvement. I say this because these people do get paid a lot of money, and well there’s a lot more jobs in the world that are far more dangerous, and those people get paid a lot less. However, I would not to do these jobs. I would prefer to be in a smaller scale setting myself. These companies are large scale, and require a lot from their employees. Wendy Eller...
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