WendyEller2-TextbookExercises-Unit5 - 31 Income Summary...

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PE 4.1A 1 Income Statement 5 Balance Sheet 2 Balance Sheet 6 Balance Sheet 3 Balance Sheet 7 Income Statemet 4 Income Statement 8 Balance Sheet PE 4.2A $30,410 Net Loss PE 4.5A Date Accounts Debits Credits Oct.       31 Fees Earned 475,150 Income Summary 475,150
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Unformatted text preview: 31 Income Summary 175,025 Wages Expense 39,000 Rent Expense 85,000 Supplies Expense 38,350 Misc. Expenxe 12,675 31 Income Summary 300,125 Lisa Jordan, Capital 300,125 31 Lisa Jordan, Capital 36,000 Lisa Jordan, Drawing 36,000...
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WendyEller2-TextbookExercises-Unit5 - 31 Income Summary...

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