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Unit 1 Accounting Professor, and Class, For my studies at Kaplan University, I am seeking a Business Management degree. I have no real goals of becoming an accountant. However, for my degree plan, I am required to take an accounting course. I feel that this is a great idea, actually. Accounting can be used practically any business setting, and is a great tool to learn. I feel that Kaplan University requires it as part of my degree program because it is used in so many businesses today, and anyone entering into the business world needs to have understanding and knowledge of accounting practices. I feel it will prove useful in my future career goals. Sometime in my future, I wish to own and operate a seafood retail, and restaurant
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Unformatted text preview: business, located locally in my home town. This business buys fresh seafood from local commercial fishermen, and sells their products to consumers. They also have in the same building, a small seafood restaurant that overlooks the Mosquito Lagoon River, located in Oak Hill, Fl. Within this business, I will be responsible for handling financial statements, and keeping records. In this process, accounting is a needed tool to help me succeed at my tasks. Having the skills and knowledge of accounting practices will help me figure all the numbers, and records. I am very happy to gain the skills and knowledge of accounting. I feel it will help me tremendously, and advance my career goals as well. Wendy Eller...
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