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WendyEller2-EthicsLesson-Unit4 - been denied In doing so...

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Class, Our ethics discussion is quite simple in answering.  Annette was very unprofessional in her business practices. First of all, she made several false  statements, and told many lies. She changed financial statements, and added money to  accounts receivable that had not yet been received. She then lied to the second bank about the  first bank denying her a loan. To me, this constitutes unethical behavior, and eventually Annette will get caught, and face  consequences for her actions. No doubt the bank will run a credit check, and see that she had  been denied at the first bank. They may even wish to contact the first bank to see why she had 
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Unformatted text preview: been denied. In doing so, they may find out that her statements were falsified. She is putting herself and her company at risk for lawsuits, and other legal actions. This may even include jail time if the amount of the loan is significant enough. She will also no doubt be reliable for repaying all of the loan, perhaps causing her company to go under in the process. I do not agree with Annette’s actions as a business owner. She needs to be honest on her statements, and wait until a further time when she has more capital, and credit to apply for the loan. Wendy Eller...
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