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Class, Tomas Lott prepared a trial balance for AAA Rescue Service. The credit side exceeded the  debit side total. Tomas decided to add the difference to the miscellaneous expense account  balance to make both sides equal. Tomas had to make a 5 o’ clock deadline, so he decided to  look for the mistakes the next week when he would have more time. Our professor has asked us to discuss whether Tomas was behaving in a professional manner. I believe that Tomas is not acting professionally at all. He should not falsify his reports. He  should check for errors immediately.
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Unformatted text preview: Furthermore, by adding the difference to the miscellaneous expense account, he is creating another error. Tomas should check for errors already made, and correct them as necessary, instead of creating extra errors, and doing the wrong thing in his career. Tomas should explain to his boss that an error has occurred. Explaining this to the boss may allow him extra time on his deadline. The boss would understand that he needed to find an error some where. The boss would happily allow him more time if it meant getting the reports right. Wendy Eller...
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