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Professor and Class, For this week’s Web Field Trip, we were asked to visit the Moody’s Investors Service website, ( www.moodys.com ), and read about recent bond ratings changes. After doing so, we are asked to answer the following questions. 1) If you were a bond investor, would you care if Moody’s changed the rating on your bonds? Why or why not? First of all, I’d have to take into account that Moody’s supplies “opinions” and not necessarily all the facts. Next, I would “consider” their opinions carefully. However, along with their opinions, I’d also consider the history of the bonds and the company they come from. A reputation of the company is essential in deciding to purchase the bonds or not. Along with this, there is also a good possibility that ratings can improve in the future. I would hesitate to jump to any conclusions based on Moody’s “opinions” before researching more facts for myself.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) If you were a bond issuer, would you care if Moody’s changed the rating on your bonds? Why or why not? As a bond issuer, my story would changes somewhat. I’d be more concerned of Moody’s bond ratings as an issuer. I say this because the bond ratings could hurt my chances of getting the bonds sold. The ratings are more apt to put doubt into the minds of possible investors, even if they are “only” opinions sated by Moody’s. P.S. I don’t mean to sound down on Moody’s in any of my post, but I’d have to count their ratings as exactly what they are- “only” opinions. I’d also like to apologize for such a late post. I was busy this week with a family crisis, and then had some issues with our textbook exercises that I had to figure out. Thanks for understanding. Wendy Eller...
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