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Professor and Class, For this week’s Web Field Trip, we were asked to visit Starbuck’s Corporation, view some information about the company and answer the following questions. 1) How did Starbuck’s get its name? Surprisingly, Starbuck’s was named after a famous book, Moby Dick. There was a character, a ship mate that Starbuck’s name originated from. 2) What is the current price of a share of Starbuck’s stock? As of April 4 th , 2009, Starbuck’s stock price is $11.69. 3) What was the high and low price of a share of Starbuck’s stock during the past year? The highest price Starbuck’s stock has reached in the past year has been $20.68. The lowest price Starbuck’s stock has fell to in the past year has been $7.06. 4) Does Starbuck’s Corporation appear to have an operating philosophy that is similar or dissimilar to other corporations? I believe they do. It is the fact that they are interested in buying and producing better coffees in order
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Unformatted text preview: to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. This is somewhat dissimilar to other corporations in that most of the other companies do not buy the best coffees sometimes; they tend to buy cheaper products that are sometimes not the best idea. 5) Do you think this philosophy is serving Starbuck’s well? This philosophy has proven to serve Starbuck’s well up until recently. Competition has forced the closings of several Starbuck’s stores. Other place such as McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts are starting to offer similar products for much lower prices. In today’s economy, people are looking for the lowest prices possible. By Starbuck’s buying and producing the higher quality products, they also have to charge consumers higher prices. They are now beginning to suffer because of their philosophy to buy and produce better coffees. Wendy Eller...
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