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Professor and Class, What are the procedures for applying for a patent and registering a copyright? First of all, there are three types of patents. These three types of patents are Utility, Design and Plant patents. More information about the three types are below. Utility Patents- Those that are issued to inventors of new devices or processes, also improvements to existing devices or processes. These are the most commonly issued or used patents. Design Patents- Those that are issued to the inventors of new, original or ornamental “designs” of already existing devices or items manufactured. Plant Patents- Those that are issued to people who discover, invent, and produce or reproduce any new variety of plants. To receive a patent, there are procedures to follow. Some of these procedures include: 1) Making sure no item like it exists. You can do this by searching databases for similar
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Unformatted text preview: items. 2) Filing out a lot of government paperwork. 3) Pay all the required patent fees. Fees can include filing, search, examinations, and other fees. Note: Limitations do apply. The government decides the limitations on who can file for a patent and sometimes how they can apply as far as how the paperwork is processed. As for registering a copyright, procedures must also be followed. Some of these procedures include: 1) Making sure you have the rights to obtain the copyright on the item by law. 2) Filling out all the governments necessary paperwork. 3) Paying all the fees to obtain the copyright. Note: Limitations also apply to copyrights. For example, you cannot request a copyright on items that are already copyrighted by someone else. Both patents and copyrights require final approval by government. Wendy Eller...
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