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EthicsLesson-Unit4 - to call her while she is on the job...

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Professor and Class, Leah Corbin, CPA, is preparing tax returns and performing general accounting services for “personal” clients outside of her normal job at Beartooth Consulting Company. She is using Beartooth’s computers and printers to perform her “on the side” work. Occasionally, her “personal” clients call her at Beartooth while she is on the job. Is Leah performing in a professional manner? I feel Leah is behaving in an unethical manner due to the reasons I am listing below: 1) She is using Beartooth’s equipment to perform her “on the side” work. This is causing wear and tear on the equipment; therefore the company will most likely have to replace the equipment sooner or quicker than normal. 2) Using the equipment after work hours is also causing more electricity being used than what normally would. This is more money out of Beartooth’s budget for electricity costs. 3) She is also doing some of this work on company hours by allowing her “personal” clients
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Unformatted text preview: to call her while she is on the job. This also means the company is paying her for time spent on the phone with her “personal” clients. 4) She has not spoken with her employer to gain permission to use the equipment after hours or to accept the “personal” client calls while on her job. 5) She is also acting as competition to her employer by helping the “personal” clients without running them through the company in the first place. 6) She is costing her company money by using extra electricity, over using the equipment and by not bringing in the business she is “personally” doing on the side. I must also wonder how many of her “personal” clients were actually suppose to be company clients to begin with. My overall opinion concerning Leah’s action is that she is doing her company and the bosses who trust her wrong. It would seem to me that Leah is out for her own gain, and not the good of her company. Wendy Eller...
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