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Professor and Class, Pete and Sara are having an unusual conversation about their cash registers being short on funds at the end of the day. Sara has unethically advised Pete to short change customers during the day to ensure that his drawer is over at the end of the day. She also stated to Pete that their manager, Gina, allows her to take the amount that her drawer is over at the end of the day home with her. First of all, Sara and Gina are both acting very unethical and unprofessional when it comes to their jobs and the supervision of other employees. Next, Gina as a manager is acting very inappropriately in allowing Sara to do such a thing in the first place. Gina has not set in place any rules or proper internal cash controls. This is not professional, nor is it ethical for Gina to allow her employees to steal from customers by short changing them throughout the day. Finally, this scenario has shown Pete that it is ok to break rules and steal from customers. Most likely, he
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Unformatted text preview: will follow Sara and Gina’s lead, and do the same unprofessional and unethical acts within his employment. He will also begin stealing from customers by short changing them during the day in order to make sure his own cash drawer is over. To me, Gina has the responsibility of setting strong and effective internal controls to protect the company’s assets. This, however, does not give her the right to allow her employees to steal from customers to make sure their registers are over at the end of the day. She needs to set internal controls that will discourage her employees from stealing and re-train the employees on the registers to ensure they are doing things properly, so that they don’t end up short at the end of the day. Gina must also set a professional and ethical example for her employees to follow. They must know that she will not put up with such behavior, nor will she herself engage in such behavior. Wendy Eller...
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