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Professor and Class, Hello everyone. Type of career I intend to pursue: I wish to finish my degree and become a business owner. I want to open a place that buys  seafood from local commercial fisherman and sales their product to local residents and  surrounding cities. I plan to have a seafood market with a restaurant attached to the same  building. The restaurant would also serve the fresh locally caught seafood, along with steaks,  burgers, and other popular items. The name of my business will be Eagle’s Eye Seafood and  Restaurant. I will do my best to open my business in a proper location. To me, this would be directly on the  Mosquito Lagoon, an area in the river that would be convenient for fisherman to unload their 
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Unformatted text preview: products, as well as a nice view for restaurant customers. How Human Resources will help me: I believe that taking Human Resources will help me in my new business. The knowledge and skills I will acquire will help my everyday interactions with customers and employees. This course will most likely help me to improve my communication skills, problem solving techniques, and my overall performance as owner and manager of Eagle’s Eye Seafood and Restaurant. I believe this course is a chance to learn new things, and apply them to my professional, and perhaps even my personal life. Wendy Eller...
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