athletes are dumb final

athletes are dumb final - Micah Vinson For centuries, the...

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Micah Vinson For centuries, the athlete has always been regarded as an elite citizen in the upper echelon of society. From the first Greek Olympics to the modern day super bowls athletes are taken care of financially and are seen as iconic role models.   Aristotle, one of the most recognized philosophers said, “Physical fitness and mental fitness go hand and hand.” Further, athletes tending to be academically inept has generated controversy: some feel that athletes are among the brightest and most upstanding individuals in our society. To be a successful athlete you must be able to dissect and memorize thick playbooks while studying for midterms. Having to study along with balancing school and sports would make it seem that athletes must possess a high degree of intelligence. This however, is not the case. Experience has taught us that athletes lack intelligence because they are given special treatment by educational institutions; they are constantly making ill-advised financial decisions; and they are constantly ruining their careers and contracts for frivolous reasons. One argument favoring the scholastic incompetence of athletes is that they are constantly given special treatment from academic institutions. Teachers are beseeched; coaches apply incessant pressure for players to get grades that is not merited. There is always a standard for student athletes, unfortunately, in many cases, instead of challenging these students handouts are given to them. Failing grades are transformed into scores that allow them have the passing grade
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athletes are dumb final - Micah Vinson For centuries, the...

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