Phil 1 - Logic (Principles of Reasoning) Final Examination...

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Logic (Principles of Reasoning) Fall 2008 Final Examination (20%) Name: ______________________________ Direction s: a) Complete the Final Exam and e-mail to me via b) Due Date: Tuesday, December 21, 2008 (Good Luck!) 1. Name the Specific (Informal) Fallacies Committed in the 10 Passages a) If you do not give me an “A” in this course, Professor Benjamin, then I shall report you to the Chairman of your Department. I hope that you can understand what I mean, because there is no reason for me to have anything less than “A” in the course. Reporting Dr. Benjamin to the chairman of his department doesn’t mean you deserve or will get an A in the course. b) Fred Nietzsche was personally more philosophical than his philosophy. His talk about power, harshness and superb immorality was the hobby of a harmless young scholar and constitutional invalid. Being philosophical does not make you constitutionally invalid. c) Don’t you think that I am so cute and intelligent? Please would you answer me and tell us how privileged I am to be that cute and like no other man? The reason I am so intelligent is that I do not behave nor talk like the other men who answer lousy questions. Behaving and talking like other men does not make you intelligent let alone cute. d) But there is no person on this earth who cannot know that God exists when we heard the clear testimony from President George Bush (the President of the United States of America). George Bush's testimony does not let the world know GOD exists let alone the all of the world has not heard this speech. e) Excuse me, Sir. I deserve more money than what you currently pay me now, because my wife is about to leave me and I cannot afford to let her go due to poverty. If you do not give me a raise, then my life is ruined and I may even loose my house also. Your life will not be ruined if you don’t get a raise. You don’t deserve more money because of a divorce. f)
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Phil 1 - Logic (Principles of Reasoning) Final Examination...

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